It's a "yes" from you dawg?

If you made it here, you're most likely thinking one of two things: "Holy shit, I'm getting married!!!!!" or "Holy shit. I'm getting married." You're feeling on top of the world -- but also planning a wedding feels like you just added a second full-time job onto your already-full plate. \

My hope is to be the easiest vendor to work with.

Here is a spark note version of how the booking process looks like:

  1. Give me all the details of your wedding day - your wedding date, where you're getting married, the vibe you're going for -- the more the merrier!
  2. If the stars align and I have your date available, we're one step closer!
  3. A signed contract and a non-refundable retainer is needed -- but then we're officially official! *pops champagne*
  4. Time to go shopping...because your engagement session will be booked! (This is when we finally get to meet! Woohoo!)
  5. A month before your wedding day, we will meet up/Facetime for your bridal consult! We'll iron out all the fine details and get to any unanswered questions we have for each other. Your remaining balance must be paid in full at this point as well!
  6. IT'S WEDDING DAY!! (and I'll cry that it's all over)
  7. Within 48 hours, you will receive your "Sneaks" gallery....filled with highlights from each part of the day! (Instagram won't know what hit them)
  8. You'll receive your gallery and get to relive the best day of your life!

If this all sounds good to you -- scroll on down and click "Contact Me"!!

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you're one step closer to your dream wedding day

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