Hi, I'm McKenzie!

I am 30 years old + married to the sweetest man alive! We got married in 2018 on New Years Eve! We have been together 13+ years and he truly is my favorite person on the planet! In February 2023 we welcomed our first child, Grady, and he is our world!

My whole goal in this life is to be a light to every single person I come in contact with + to make everybody feel like a somebody. And that means you, my friend! YOU are my main priority. My name might not be in the Photography Hall of Fame but I'm going to treat you as if it is!

Wanna know a few facts about me?

  • Iced coffee > hot coffee
  • Going to bed with wet hair is my fav
  • I love me some New Girl or Survivor any day of the week
  • I'm a daily listener of The Bobby Bones Show
  • Salting my pizza is a must (DON'T COME AT ME)
  • After 27 years, I finally watched every single Marvel movie and they absolutely WRECKED me

I can't wait to work with you!



“I truly could not recommend McKenzie enough for wedding, engagement, or literally any of your photography needs!! She’s so personable and funny while still being professional. She will make your big day go forward with ease while taking the most beautiful photos that you’ll treasure forever! Expect nothing but the best from her, and you’ll receive photos that belong in a magazine!”

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