Life Style Sessions

Photographs are something so sacred to me. The way they can freeze a moment in time + can be hung on your wall, untarnished. Photos are the way we pass on our legacy to the next generation of our families.

I love seeing families come back year after year - the kids a little older. Mom and Dad with a few extra smile lines weathered on their faces. Often I see parents not wanting to book a session because they don't love them way they look. But I am here to remind you that your children will only remember the beautiful photos they have of you when you're gone.

And you know what? I can promise you we will have SO much fun! I'm not your typical photographer that poses you, tells you to say "cheese" + sends you on your way. Honestly, you'll probably forget you're getting photos taken!! If you leave + you didn't laugh + have fun, I didn't do my job. Stress-free photo sessions are my JAM!

Don't wait until it's too late to book a session - the time is now.